AI solution for the enterprise

Our goals were to provide AI solutions to deliver more intelligent and automated solutions to clients in order to boost their productivity and unlock for them new business possibilities ranging from machine learning, to computer vision, to natural language processing (NLP), to forecasting through to process optimization. Our teams envisaged AI technologies aimed to support diverse environments and be scalable to meet changing business needs:
  • Cost minimization
  • Reduce workload
  • Increase in sales
  • Customer loyalty improvement

What are the benefits of using our AI?

Most frequent inquiries, processes, questions, transactions can be automated by AI. This will allow the user to aquire the information instantanesously, resulting an enormous reduction of operating costs and allows you to promote productivity.
The cost of implementing AI, is consider to be cheaper than an expert. When it comes to processing inquiries and automating tasks. This promotes better internal on-boarding, reports and other important activities, eliminating human error significantly.
AI are considered to be more efficient than human. When it comes to handling repetitive tasks, it works 24/7 to ensure important events are notified and handled in a shortest period of time. Due to it's capability in analyzing vast amounts of information in a blink of an eye, which could take hours for human to complete.
Communcation is essential for every business and the key to the brand's success. AI promotes high volumes of data traffic at an enourmously high speed and the use of data combined with many intergrated systems can resolve decision problems. Reducing information overload and staying up-to-date with information as well as provide dynamic interaction with you.
You can get the most value from Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology. One of the primary benefitss is that it offers a zero manual data entry errors and provides a better service with its effciently and positive result. You will no longer need to complain about our AI.
With AI handling all automatable tasks, humans can be used to work on more complex and creative tasks that can not be automated. For this reason, employees can focus on the higher value job's or tasks that promote the business results and outcomes.

Our Products

We offer these range of products with a wide variety of feature


Simulates a human conversation via chat interface with different languages

Process Automation

The most common theme tying them together was the “automation”. This automation included focus on the digital and physical tasks associated with office administrative and financial activities

Cognitive Insight

Identify patterns in a large volumes of data and define user behaviour base on their action and activity

Cognitive Engagement

Offer 24/7 availability for customer and internal employee to address issues from general inquiry to technical support

Voice Recognition

Our solution supports Speech to Text technologies by Microsoft, Speech Technology Center, Google

Computer Vision

Automate identify and analyze the visual world and react to what they see

Forecasting & Optimization

Enable short and long term planning for organization to promote better future decision making and demand, such as finacial planning and sales planning

Virtual Assistant

Automate support for simple tasks and only engage a human consultant when VI can't handle by itself. Employing a VI will simply reduce time and costs

Meet Our Team

Science Team

The team made up of talented scientists who mix knowledges and experiences with extreme passion and creativity to make an impact on the world.

System Integration Team

Our system integration team help us manage the complexity of computer infrastructure, and solve many business challenges.

Data Analysis Team

Data scientists work closely with business stakeholders to understand their goals and determine how data can be used to achieve those goals.

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We are young, small start-up. We build everything around "people" to replace human by autobot.

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